Playing cards and money

Playing cards and money

Charles Fey, a car mechanic, made the first mechanical slot machine that pays for the machine in 1895. Nickel was a machine with three coils and ten symbols on each reel. The symbols, combinations of cards hearts spades diamonds and clubs. The symbol was the fifth Liberty Bell. If the three bells of freedom aligned, the winner received ten pieces. From that moment, slot machines as an important part of the clubs and casinos.

These spaces are maintained until the end of 1960, appeared as popular electronic devices. Until the mid-1980s chip made major changes in design and more complex games, such as those developed by the second screen bonus rounds there. The original objective of the slot machines in casinos was too busy wives and girlfriends maintain that men have a serious game. Now comes the vast majority of casino revenue slot machines to play mine in the second. Slot machines are very popular casinos in the world on its profitability. Little attention is required if the slot is on the floor, empty except for the deposit of each bill the night and fill the coins or bills.

Customers will love casino games, and sometimes luck. Most do not realize that there are ways to increase your chances if you play on slot machines.

Overview of the field first in the casino. Often you will see the ATM and cash at stations occupied in different areas. Make sure that most people who purchase or redemption of slot tickets are. If you redeem the tickets, go to this area to play. If you are in a casino gambling or used parts, enjoy the sounds of ringing cash in the drawer. Fair payments are higher in areas hostages.

Second Check the name carefully before gambling. There is a difference between $ 505.

Third Check the type of machine, the most common. Many times it has changed from a top slot newly introduced payment program and later, if the players love him.

Fourth Beware of a black screen. Today casinos, remote payments, and is legal in most states. The law requires to wait for last 4 minutes, hits from the last piece. A black screen appears and informs him that the player changes. The machine does not accept money for 4 minutes.

Fifth Check the layout. Today, slot machines are really slots in the dollar and a quarter. If you play all the lines in a multi-line or play the maximum coins. You see, when the highest payout justify the amount you add. Otherwise, instead of play pennies, spend the money. The gain is less frequent but much larger.

Sixth Reading, reading, playing cards. Some machines do not increase the multiples of earnings. For example, if you play slots at certain levels and hit a grand prize of a coin, the amount may be 1/3 of the three coins, or much less. If not the role of proportional, the number of coins you play, insert a coin, if you are short of cash.

Seventh Make sure you play the maximum coins if necessary. Some machines payoff in the first specifically on the currency, other species in the second and each winning combination of the third, as Blazing 7 ‘s On machines that have multiple lines, play all the lines.

Eighth Note to advertise banks of machines, the repayments. By law, all machines in the bank to pay the amount announced.

Ninth Always use your players card. Compositions of the player’s cards is calculated the number of parts in machines and give and cash in your room. You can get a free breakfast of your game, whether you win or lose. It is either a bonus or a day of the most expensive meal I ever ate.

10th Take a break. If you are in a slump, do not chase your losses. Something else to do and if you feel better to play again.

11 Do not play a slot machine that has shifted to a loan or a chair in front. The calls of nature or ATMs could also let the players and their machines. Many of you leave a jacket, which tilt the chair or get some credits in the machine or parts of the area and return to Mark. If a machine is blinking and no one has won the presidency in a boat of that player and often plays a different machine waiting for a partner. Do not sit, unless you want a confrontation. Be careful before sitting down.

12 Take care of your money in and out. Sometimes, the receiver spits out money Bill, and he falls to the ground. If you are not careful, you have to lose money or an official call for nothing. Not to mention cash. If you do not want to take a $ 0.19 and cash it at the next machine.