The Golden roulette

The Golden roulette

Craps players, many players are very superstitious. Here are some craps superstition is widespread, even for the most experienced players.

A. If the dice leave the table, we think the next roll to be a 7. Players often shout “cube” to think for themselves, that disaster can be avoided if the dice are not changed. Second Shooters virgin females are considered lucky. A virgin female shooter is a woman who has never thrown the dice before. Instead shooters are male virgins thought unlucky. Third Never open a new table (the first player in the table) or the only player at the table. It is assumed that the matrix is ??cold to a new table and treated before heating. Never speak or play room to a player who has a good ride. No space between the drawer and the other players while in the middle of a hot roller. Fifth Never, ever, mention the number 7 when someone walks. 7 is sometimes called “It” or “Big Red” or “demon” called. Sixth Not likely, if the dice hit someone’s hand when thrown. Shout players and dealers often “hand-up” or “see your hands” or “Hands Up”. Seventh Avoid Paris, while the roller handle. If the dice in the “money” New Thought to be a 7 on the next roll. Eighth When the dice hit the tabs in the stack, a 7 appears. For some reason, it seems that only on the basis of our experience, 7 is quite often, when they arrive, the dice hit the stack. Improvement Ninth bad (not bettors not) increase the likelihood that a fast shooter is 7

If you do not believe in superstitions, please respect and respect, not to spoil the fun for the other players in the game, if you do not.

By: David Horus, Walk Away Craps

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